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Nothing... This time of the season the fish spread out and transition to summer patterns.

A sure bet pattern is to find a decent sized river that the water pretty much drains out of at low tide. The fish that use this type of a river as their home range move in and out on each tide cycle.

Fish the eddies at the bottle necks, like bridge abutments, jetties, points, and outcroppings on an out going tide. Naturally fish higher in the system during High Runner high tides, and follow the fish, moving from bottleneck to bottleneck, as the tide ebbs out. Pay attention to the 'time of tide' when the fish are at each location, and after a bit you will see a pattern.

The pattern can work work on an incoming tide as well. But typically the fish spread out over flats and such on the incoming. It is that outgoing tide that drains the whole river that really sets up a predictable pattern. What comes in, needs to find its way back out before low tide. Bait and Bass. The bass set up and wait for the bait to wash past them.
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