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Default Fly Swap Info - Read BEFORE you join.

Anyone can start a swap, but the person who starts the swap (the Swap Master) will be responsible to run it.

Fly Swap Info:

The first thing you need to do is Register for the fly swap. To do this simply post a response to the same thread as the fly swap you want to join stating you will participate and the fly you will be tying.

You will be tying up to a dozen flies of the pattern you’ve chosen, one for each member of the swap plus one for yourself. Monitor your swap thread to make sure of the number of flies you’ll need to submit. Remember, send in one for yourself, this is important! There will be a maximum of 12 members of the swap . . . the swap master plus up to 11 others.

All flies are sent to the swap master. The swap master can either post an address to which you'll send the flies, this is not recommended, or he/she can PM each member of the swap as they join with an address to which they will submit their finished flies. The swap master will compile the submitted fly collections, and mail them back. Please make sure you supply a return envelope with adequate return postage to ensure you receive your flies.

Ship them in an appropriately sized crush-proof container. This container will be returned to you filled with flies from the other tiers. Remember some flies may be larger than yours, so make sure your container is adequate. Plastic fly boxes are good, as well as VCR tape holders, 'Altoids' boxes, or travel soap holders.

Place your filled box of flies in a self-addressed padded return envelope - do not seal the return envelope! Make sure you include adequate return postage. It is best to NOT affix the postage but to include it inside the padded envelope. Place your return package in a larger envelope, address it and mail it before the deadline.

International tiers must be aware of local import/export regulations.


We realize life doesn't always go as planned and you may find that you can not complete a swap. Please let us know right away rather than kidding yourself that you will find time 'next week'. We may have stand-by tiers waiting to join and the swap can go on without you - you can always join the next one!

Complete your flies early - don't wait for the deadline. A fly swap is a team event and others are counting on you.

If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask the Swap Master! He/she is here to help and answer any questions you may have.
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