December 15, 2018

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Old 09-27-2016, 05:45 PM
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Default The new trout season?

This spring was the best trout fishing I've ever had. When I moved here seven years ago we would wait until late spring and fish through summer hunting trophy fish until fall when we could employ larger flies

Now it would seem that summer is as destitute for trout fishing as mid winter. Lack of precipitation combined with long regular high temps send the water temp soaring. The four rivers within twenty minutes of me have been barren and so low this summer it's not possible for fish to live in them save one big river which is dam controlled

Is our new trout season March-June? I'm curious how this fall will go but if its remotely like last season it doesn't bode well. I fished right into December last year. The water wasn't quite as low but at least it was cold

The bass fishing chub and the warm water species appeared early in June and much further up river than I've seen them before. The bass have been monstrous as shown below

I haven't bothered venturing to the landlocked rivers as the flows are so low and temps so high. Not sure how the Browns will spawn if we don't get any rain

The rivers famous for Rainbows and Browns in Mass and CT are a fraction and barely moving from the reports I read

Someone told me a manatee made an appearance at the Cape. It must have been using an outdated version of mapquest

I see Maine is tightening the screws on lobstering as they expect that resource to move north to Canada for colder water. Stripers have made an inspiring and healthy comeback from just a few years ago.

They are now entering the reveared rivers known the world over for Atlantic Salmon in Canada and will likely devour most of the fry leaving that resource to the inevitable.

The salmon that spawned in the CT River tribs won't get any $$ from the State as the waters in the Sound are so warm predation and pollution don't give them a chance for survival

Bass are also abundant in the famously renown Canadian salmon rivers.

Is New England destined for warm water species abundance and trout will become a fond and dwindling resource?

We didn't have any of the summer thunderstorms we usually do and only one heat lightening storm. The peepers have been most quiet as well as the lightening bugs.

I visited lake Champlain and we had to wade through 30-50feet of lakebed muck full of dead mussels and aquatic life to reach the water from the beach

My local big river doesn't even boost the river with big releases when it rains anymore.

The runs in Pulaski have been horrible ow. The fish won't enter the system as its too hot and low

Am I wrong or does our aquatic recreation look desperate these days?
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Old 09-28-2016, 11:45 AM
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It's been a bad year. Still, I've heard reports from the Quinnie and Millers down here in MA that the trout have somehow managed to survive. I caught wild bows this last weekend on the Winooski and Lamoille in VT, despite the low water and previously warm temps (better now). The wild brookie population on the Swift (MA) is as high as its ever been. I caught lots of fish in the Whites in August-September. Hopefully we get more rain this fall and things will turn around. Not sure if all the doom and gloom is quite warranted just yet ...

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Old 09-28-2016, 12:14 PM
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Personally, I've had a great year of trout fishing (admittedly in the dog days of summer I hit the Swift to fish sulphurs and midges), and it's not over yet. The trout ponds are fishing well and hopefully we'll get some rain to replenish the rivers

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Old 09-29-2016, 08:22 AM
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Default Season

In southern NH and ME, the season was pretty short. I commented back in April that the water was low because of the lack of snow melt. I pretty much gave up on southern fishing by early May.

Even farther north the water was low all season, even in April-May. It was usually cold enough, just low. Some of my usual early-season spots were not fishable because of the lack of water.

So, I had to throw my 'places' net over a wider area. That's fine with me. I love looking for new places. I even hit some places that I hadn't fished in over a half-century. Many of these 'new' places proved to be very good.

Overall, I'd say I had a 'good' year - not as good as the best, but by far not awful.

At my age (70!! next May), I'm happy to be in good health and able to explore some steep, rocky places. Not everyone my age can.

Now we can hope for some rains this Fall, and some reasonable snowfall this Winter. In the meantime, there's two more weeks in the NH season. After that there are the 'open all year' places in NH and ME that need attention.
“Anyone can be a fisherman in May.”

― Ernest Hemingway
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