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Old 02-18-2009, 01:18 PM
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"I live in MA, and treasure the time I spend in NH, but I've come to love it, warts and all. From your early posts, I felt you thought it was wart free. Most of the "knowledge based" jobs you spoke of are in high tech, and are located in the southeast part of the state....a good distance from the best trout fishing, but not far from the ocean. That's why I mentioned Saltwater possibilities. Also, your education would seem to be in disciplines far removed from the high tech sector. Given the state budgets in New England, jobs in fisheries management are pretty much non existent."

Flyfish99, just so you know southern nh has some damn good trout. they may not be as big, but you can go slay 15 inch brookies all day. so nh is a sweet place to live. Troutslayer, i have lived in nh my whole life and it is pretty sweet. As far as life outside of fishing, nashua and manchester are cool places to visit and party and that sort of thing. Meredith, NH on lake winnipesaukee and other areas have great fishing. i fly fish for bass, and in the early mornings, you can cast dries from a boat in the middle of the lake and catch bass, rainbow, and rarely a salmon.

In the white mountains, you can hike up into lonesome lake and they stock it from a helicopter. it is a really cool hike and its only an hour from the cannon mountain parking lot. Also in the white mountains, they stock Russell pond. it is really cool and that is the first place i ever saw anyone fly fishing. it was a couple in a canoe with dries. this is also a campground.

In Southern NH, the souhegan river is really good. They stock it weekly and there are places all along it that are great hotspots.

Overall NH is a really cool place to live and if you just kinda hunt for the fish, you will find some great trout and fishing.

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Old 02-18-2009, 01:51 PM
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Default bfisher

I hear what you're saying. I have fished the Souhegan in southern NH, and also the Mascoma and Sugar in the central part of the state. I've fished for brookies in the mountains, but my favorite part of NH is the north country, especially the Upper CT.

So you know, we have some pretty decent trout fishing here in MA as well....and it's open year round. I live 10 minutes from the Swift, a tailwater pretty well known in New England. Also with in 10 minutes of home are the Quaboag and Ware Rivers, kind of similar to the fishing in the Souhegan, although somewhat larger. I also fish 2 streams in CT. The Willimantic is about a half hour away, and is similar to the Souhegan, the Farmington is about an hour away, and is one of the better streams in New England. (Kype will disagree with that )

So, I agree that NH is a good place to live, and you don't have to travel far to find fish, but Western MA isn't bad either, so When i go to NH, I usually concentrate on the Upper CT, with an occasional trip to the Mascoma.

Thing is, the fishing we have here, simply doesn't compare to what they have in MT, or in other parts of the west. I think it is a bit foolish to leave the west and come to NH, if the point of the move is to make money from fishing.
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Old 02-18-2009, 02:00 PM
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Flyfish 99, agreed. The point can not be to make money. I hope to find a way to spend as much of my time on the river. I do not plan on having kids, as the world is short on homes, not children (this doesn't mean I will adopt). I have horses, hound dogs, snakes, a reef tank, kittens and a sun conure. This is my family and the horses and hounds love to go fishing with me, in fact they like it more than I do it would seem. I only have to support myself, my wonderful fiance, and my animals.... the rest of the time I will spend fishing as I always have. Thanks for your input guys!

"I fish because I have to" - my father/teacher, Mark Jones
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