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Old 09-23-2010, 04:01 PM
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Just a few weeks ago I came upon a deer that had just been hit on Rte. 3 out of Nashua in Tyngsboro MA. I was going to do the same as you except that the deer was between the left and center lane just on the other side of a hump in the road. I didn't see it until I crested the hump. So I decided I didn't want to get hit too and just kept going, but I felt guilty about it.

I have since learned that only a police officer or a CO can kill an injured animal. I don't know if that's true or not but the person who told me generally knows what he is talking about.
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Old 09-23-2010, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by jeet View Post
I have since learned that only a police officer or a CO can kill an injured animal.
That would sound about right. Left otherwise "Hawthorn E Deerwipe" will be killing them next to the road year round extolling they were wounded man, I had to finish em off.

On the other hand, an animal in pain and suffering with no chance of survival, such as a broken back, should be put down as fast as possible, it's the right thing to do. A CO or law enforcement should be notified. Somehow I don't think they'll go flippo if it's legit.

Two years ago in August I was cutting up cordwood. I heard a bear bawling off in the distance and at first didn't make much of it. Every time I shut off the saw I'd hear it, in the same spot. By mid morning I figured something was up.

I strapped on a 454 Casull and went down in the swamp to see what the heck was going on. Didn't take long to find the bear. In my life, I have never seen anything so hopelessly tangled up. It had gotten into briers and vines and a back leg was wound tight with the stuff. The ground was all tore up from where the bear tried to dig out of it. Looked like more than I was capable of dealing with at that point so I left the swamp and called 911.

Now the "fun" started. Local dispatch wanted nothing to do with it so they transferred me to the State Police. They wanted nothing to do with it and transferred me to F&G, and nobody was home, leave a message. I did. 2 hours later no call back, the bear is still bawling. I called again, leave a message. I did again, in great detail.

I'd hoped they would tranquilize the bear and cut it free. I could see I wasn't going to get any help with this so I grabbed a small bucksaw and went back into the swamp. I got a few feet from the bear and she was pulling for everything she was worth to get loose. I sawed into the tangle a couple of feet back from the bear and the vines started to snap. All of a sudden a big crack and she was free.

One of two things was going to happen, she'd turn on me and I'd have been done right there as the 454 was on my right hip and the saw was still in my right hand, or, she'd run off. She did neither. She stood there for a minute looking at me then sat down. I thought maybe the leg was broke and she couldn't go. I started backing off real slow. She got up, bobbed her head a couple of times and started off in the brush. She was alright.

Now the knees went to rubber. I think I smoked a pack of butts by the time I got out of the swamp.

At 3:20 I finally get a call from a CO in Concord who was surprised I answered the phone as he thought I'd have been dead by then. He was some apologetic. Seems all the COs were tied up on other stuff. Told him the crisis was over I got the bear out. Dead silence on the other end of the phone. Then he said; "You want a job with Fish & Game?"

Sometimes you just have to do what you figure is the right thing, and sometimes you're all on your own.
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