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Chris_NH 07-06-2019 05:21 AM


Originally Posted by Dave O (Post 87644)
I am having a similar problem and looking for solutions. I have been fishing a trout pond and catching scads of brookies on dries on the surface and almost all are stocked and somewhat small in the 8" range. The lake in question has been very active, but the large fish are not striking very often. I recently tried a #8 wooly bugger in black with a few irridescent highlights. It was quite exciting to see some truly large brookies cruise up and inspect the fly and then turn away and reject it. I saw three large fish and all rejected it. One looked about 16". I then tried slowly trolling over some nice spots at very slow speeds at different depths and tried various techniques with slow and fast retrieves all to no avail. Nary a tug! I posed the question to a Maine guide and he suggested going smaller. I found a few smaller WBs at Eldredge Fly Shop in black, brown, olive and yellow. The olive one looks just like that nice creation of Mike. I am off on Thursday to try it out. In past years I had great luck trolling deep as the weather warmed up. After the first week of July the topwater was too warm and I stopped fishing to protect the fish. This year I have had poor luck with anything trying to catch the big fellows down deep. Interesting!

In that situation I'd try something bright, like an orange bugger. If that didn't work I'd try something flashy like a tricked out golden retriever. Brook trout aren't typically very picky unless keyed in on a hatch of some sort, so experiment. As a last resort I'd crawl a really small mohair leach all over the bottom in the deeper water. If that didn't work then I'd go bass fishing. :)

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