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Originally Posted by MagicJohnston View Post
What are the differences between glass and graphite fly rods. I am looking to get my first rod setup soon, just starting to do my research now.
Simple answer: The average glass rod will have a slower action than the average graphite rod. Glass rods tend to be somewhat heavier. Glass is a bit more durable and less prone to breakage than graphite. There are few new glass rods on the market, some are quite expensive, and you likely won't find any at your local fly shop, although Cabela's has a reasonably priced glass rod, I believe that is a limited production run.

In short, there is no inherent advantage or disadvantage to either. Over the last 60 years, I have fished with tubular steel, cheap bamboo, cheap glass, good glass, good bamboo, and good graphite, in that order. My preference is graphite, but that's just me.
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