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Originally Posted by Michigander View Post
Hello all,

I'm a new member from Michigan. Took a position that lasts for 1 year, and will hopefully have some time to fish this beautiful area. Anyway, since I'm so limited on time, I was wondering if there were any clubs or groups in the area who tend to take trips, meet up occasionally, tie together, etc. I've done some exploring on my own and found great places, but I guess far from home I'm hesitant to fish any back-country water without any guidance other than what a book can tell me. In Manchester (where I'm living) I realize there's a TU chapter, but it appears they meet only once a month and I didn't see any information about actually fishing. There are some old websites of potential clubs and whatnot that may still exist, but no information on those. Any suggestions?

I'm not looking for someone who's going to take me to their secret spots, private land, buy friends, join a frat, or whatever. Just wondering if there are any groups who share the love of fly fishing and get out once in a while. Since I'm so limited on time this seemed like a good option. None of my co-workers fish or are really outdoorsy and they're the only connections I have in this place.

I'll continue to explore and fish either way, but any advice or guidance anyone can provide is much appreciated.

Tight lines,

Shoot me a text at 603-545-8five9four

I'm treasurer of said Manch TU chapter, and our meetings are actually done until October anyway.

While we are a large chapter, turnout for meetings is usually low anyway. In the 20's typically, but improving. Some of us fish together, others go solo.

If be glad to show you some spots though if you are into it. Do you have a float tube? If not, it's worth picking on up as some of our best water is accessed that way.
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