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Default Fisheries Restoration Inc. (FRI)

Hey guys, this winter there was lots of talk of ways that FFNH could make a positive impact on Fishing in NH. We did some stuff with selling stickers and having a raffle and we raised some money for Casting For Recovery and Stocking fish. The decision was made that we needed to kick it up a notch. A non profit was formed and has been approved by the state. The 501c(3) application for tax exemption is the next step. Getting this up and running will take allot of time and money but it is a worthwhile project.

We intend to work with the local Tu's , MFFA and Three rivers and helping out Fish and game wherever we can. This is not a FF group but a restoration group we hope to get worm dunkers involved in this effort. I hope to have things up and running by September.

Mission Statement:
Through grassroots fund raising and collaboration with
conservation groups and state and federal agencies,
FRI will restore native fisheries, improve and
maintain the health and public access of waterways
and supplement fish stocking efforts until natural
reproduction can sustain the population.

Stay Tuned
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