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UPS, drive out to the seacoast this fall/winter when you get the itch for some fly fishing after the official season has closed.

Several rivers (Lamprey, Cocheco, Isinglass, Salmon Falls and sometimes the Exeter) receive late fall stockings to promote a winter fishery. Fishing is usually good from mid-October through mid-January when shelf ice sets up limiting access (sometimes later during mild winters).

Consider supporting Three Rivers Stocking, as well, a private group that funds the lions share of the winter stocking. I'm pretty sure they have a fundraiser coming up.

(Wild fish are great and should hold precedence where appropriate, but these rivers have no natural reproduction to speak of.)
It is a plain fact, however, that downstream fishing with a non-imitative fly (lure, in the British sense) does not mix comfortably with upstream imitative fishing...I'll stay out of the argument about whether this technique is really fly fishing. In terms of interest, it is for me ahead of most downstream fishing and spinning. And I've already opined that spinning is better than staying at home with the television set.

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