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I've fished with a fair number of different rods and even have a couple of legend ultras in the quiver, and in my mind if you want to go for a premium rod that is a little slower than the S4 I'd go G Series from Scott. It does everything well, dry flies, nymph rigs, and even streamers (well, except really big streamers but you wouldn't be chucking those with a 5wt anyway). It is super powerful and is a roll cast machine, but also handles delicate presentations very well.

That being said if I had $500 burning a hole in my pocket and I was looking for a trout rod I'd probably spend it on an entry level rod that fit my needs. We've found that the technology has come so far that even entry level trout rods fish really well. We fished both the echo base and the redington classic trout and liked them both a lot. Personally I'd save the cash on the trout/panfish rod and save it for a pike/saltwater rod, a new line or two, or tying materials.

My .02

Have fun choosing, it's like Christmas in September!

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