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Default Posting rules

Everyone that posts here is expected to follow the few simple posting rules that exist here and that they agreed to when they first registered.

FFNH is meant to be a positive resource. This is a community, and its strength is in its diversity of opinion. Whatever your opinion, you never have the right to make someone feel like they aren't welcome here. Think about what you are saying, but realize that what you are saying isn't worth any more than the next person's opinion.

Here are the highlights:

1. No illegal message content.
2. No foul language.
3. No rude or abusive language.
4. Posts with racist or extremist comments or content are not allowed. That includes links to sites with such content.
5. No flame wars are allowed here.
6. Posts with sexually suggestive or explicit content are not allowed. That includes links to sites with such content.
7. Do NOT reopen threads pertaining to subjects that had previous threads closed.
8. Do NOT post the same or similar thread in multiple forums.
9. Do not post or link to content containing graphic depictions of injury or death to people or animals.
10. If you have a commercial operation, you are welcome to post, but ads in any form will not be allowed

Everyone is welcome to hang out here and express their opinions, but we expect anyone that chooses to post to do so within the confines of the posting rules above. We reserve the right to close, edit or remove any post or thread that violates the rules here. Anyone that repeatedly violates the rules will not be allowed to participate here.

Thank you.
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