November 23, 2020

Fishing/Hunting/Outdoors Sites

MidCurrent Fly Fishing - MidCurrent is an independent provider of news, liturature, and advice on flyfishing.
NewEngland Sportsman - Web site with lots of links and info.
Fly Anglers Online - National Fly Anglers forum.
Fly Fishing Only - Maine fly fishing forum.
Maine Fly Fishing - Maine Fly Fishing site with a bent toward salt.
Fly Fishing in Maine - Maine fly fishing web site.
New Hampshire Outdoors - Links for outdoor activities in NH.
Vigs Big Flies - Duane P. Vigue's web site. Great info on flytying.
Lee's Fishing Page - Lee's fishing page. Great info on fly fishing New England.
New England Kayak Fishing - Great group specifcally focused on kayak fishing New England.
Flogging the waters - Local blog from an NH fisherman.

State Links worth checking out

Quality trout fisheries
State Park Campgrounds
Map & Directry of State Parks
Wild trout waters
Remote trout fisheries
Trout streams without closed seasons
Lakes and ponds managed for trout without a closed season

Stream Flow Info

Water Line River Flow Data - For the State of NH provided by Dam Operators, other states available.
USGS Stream Flow - For the State of NH from USGA Guage Stations, other states available.


Moose Plates - Support F&G with Moose Plates
Trout Unlimited - National Trout Unlimited (TU) web site

Tide Info

Tide information for the coasts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts

Fly Shops (Our Contributors)

Lopstick Lodge & Cabins - Pittsburg, NH
Hanover Outdoors - Hanover, NH (Formerly The Lyme Angler)
North Country Angler - North Conway, NH
W.S. Hunter & Company Fly Fishing Outfitters

Good Links to have:

Fly Fishing Knots
Animated Fly Fishing Knots
My Topo
TerraServer USA Maps
Topo Zone

These are some of the best sitse for fly paterns and recipes

Global Fly Paterns
Charlie's Fly Box
Fly Anglers Online's Old Flies