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Default Black Friday story

I'm not one for black Friday deals I have never gone shopping on black Friday. Rockler Woodworking was giving away gift cards to the first seventy five customers on Friday and they opened the doors at 7am. Well I'm a woodworker and needed a few things anyway so I thought why not I'll pick up what I need and may get a little off with the gift card. So my wife and I go off to Rockler early Friday and get in line. As we entered the store they handed everyone a gift card. So we shopped and I got what I wanted and went to check out and use my new gift card. Surprise surprise the gentleman who waited on us said you "got the big one" worth $250. Now remember everyone got a card. So when we got home we checked the card my wife received and added another $100 to the deal. I may have to reconsider my views on black Friday.
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