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Default Night in ME

Originally Posted by TGIF View Post
I would double check the rules in Maine on Night Fishing. I think that at least some places are close to NH
This is the Maine general rule.
Night Fishing: Except as otherwise provided by rule, all waters open to fishing are open to fishing 24 hours a day. All lines must be under the immediate supervision of the person who set them (Open Water Fishing - Title 12, §12652, Ice Fishing - Title 12, §12659-A).
Exception: All lines set through the ice at night for cusk must be checked at least once every hour by the person who set them (Title 12, §12659-A-4).
As you say, there are lots of places in Maine with 'Special Rules'. You really have to check each pond/stream to see if there's a special rule for it.
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