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Old 07-12-2012, 05:06 PM
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Default Watercraft decisions....

I am new to the forum, have been reading posts, magazine articles, websites, etc about different kayaks.

I will be moving to the Campton/Thornton area in a few weeks from Colorado and I am looking for some local insight regarding kayaks and other fishing watercraft. Fishing insight will come in due time, once I'm settled... But I'm trying to figure out what to buy/sell before the move.

I currently own a 9 ft outcast streamer pontoon, which I have had for several years. I use it on the larger slower rivers in the west, as well as lakes. It is ok, but has many idiosyncrasies, such as inflation, portaging, slow on flat water, etc.

I know that no watercraft is perfect, but I am looking for a boat that serves many purposes. I have paddled many boats marketed towards anglers and like the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 the best.

My wife has a recreational kayak and is excited to paddle the local waters (pemi, baker,etc), but I have difficulty having a boat that does not double as a fishing vessel. So, I was curious if anyone has paddled a Tarpon in the local White Mountain RiverS? If so, how do they perform? It appears that the boat is adequate for lakes and ponds, but unsure about smaller moving water (not whitewater, just class I-II).

I need something that I can float with her on simple stretches, and take out fishing alone. I like the storage capacity of the Tarpon, as her boat affords no gear storage. I'm considering selling the pontoon before the move to reduce number of items I have to move, but it may come in handy to fish to local ponds considering the field of view and stability for casting. I can stand in the seat to sight cast, which is nice.

What are you guys fishing around there? Do people float the Pemi, Baker, Saco in pontoons? Or are the stretches more conducive to kayaks?

Any insight is greatly appreciated... See you on the New Hampshire waterways soon!
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Old 07-13-2012, 02:26 PM
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Sorry no one has replied to you.
You will probably find once you've made the move that a lot of our rivers would be called streams out west. Wading is the preferred method of fly fishing here (to a fault at times).
There is not a lot of drifting of rivers being done although there are a handful that are suitable.
Most of the fly fishermen have watercraft for the primary purpose of fishing stillwaters. This is a good idea in my opinion since our stillwaters have the highest nutrient content and grow the biggest fish.
I'd say make the move, scout out the waters you think you'd like to fish, find the ones you actually end up liking, and buy accordingly. If you're lucky you'll already have a suitable vessel.
Good luck with the move!
How good to be here, in the green, dark, cool, mountains, near a ruddy camp fire, with the loneliness and beauty of nature at hand, and in my ears the music of a murmuring stream!
-Zane Grey
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